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About Edinture

We are a Skill development company founded by Industry veterans to fulfill skill gap existing in market today. We specialize in Entry Level Talent Management solutions cutting across the complete lifecycle of Sourcing, Assessments, Training and On-boarding. Our innovative and customized solutions will help you in drastically cutting down the cost and time of hiring and training. Our end-to-end Talent Management Services include ‘Hire the Assessed’, ‘Hire and Train’ and ‘Train the Hired’.

We also provide learning development service by working with public, private, and schools in the K12 school sector. The Education Company works directly with school administrators, teachers, and support staff to solve the most pressing discipline challenges in schools today.


We offer professional services to fulfill the needs of schools, students, parents, teachers and all those in the K12 spectrum. The complete range of exceptional and cost effective education solutions are designed to leverage every student’s inert potential to excel. We have a proven reputation for excellence in providing maximum flexibility and consolidation of teaching-learning resources.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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