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Talent Supply Chain Management

Fresher Training & Recruitment

We specialize in Entry Level Talent Management solutions cutting across the complete lifecycle of Sourcing, Assessments, Training and On-boarding. Key Benifits of this program are as follows


  • Up to 90% reduction in Fresher hiring costs

  • Get trained + Assessed fresher at minimal costs

  • Reduction in cost for greenfield training of fresher across all niche skills

  • Get productive fresher from day 1

Swift Mobilization & Recruitment Service

We specialize in recruiting operations for sourcing the best talent in Information Technology for clients . We are able to provide IT professionals competent and skilled in the latest technology and best practices. Key benifits of this program are as follows;


  • Get up to 90% conversion rates

  • 100% match of candidate profile with requirement

  • Candidates interviewed by industry SMEs before sending them for interviews with clients

  • Preliminary results of Interviewed candidates across five dimensions

Competency Assessment

Our Online competency Assessment is one-of-its-kind service which provides analytical insights on the technical proficiency levels of employees


  • Get insights into proficiency levels of employees across multiple dimensions

  • Analyze training efficacy

  • Plan training and reskill requirements

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