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School Developement & Management

School supplies management

We manage procurement activities for the school division, enabling schools, centers,  to quickly locate necessary products and services in a timely manner and at competitive prices. This area supports schools by acquiring instructional supplies, textbooks, furniture, equipment, and related services; establishes contracts through the competitive and noncompetitive process and through cooperative agreements with national consortiums; audits accountable equipment throughout the school division; and maintains standard equipment guidelines for equipping new or renovated schools with the necessary equipment and furniture.

Technology solutions For Schools

Edinture is a premier provider of quality educational services offering world-class solutions to enhance the Online educational environment globally. The one-stop-site for development, e-learning, communication solutions, Edinture works with experienced educators and technocrats across the globe in designing and developing digital educational resources, portals and learning management systems for improved communication and easy access to syllabus-specific lessons on Science, Mathematics, English & Social Studies. Be it digital content on 3D, online tutoring services, ICT courses or School Online Information Systems, all our products, educational tools, training and support material and services are well-researched and tested, providing appropriate solutions to achieve student success at all levels.

Turnkey management of Schools

Edinture has the necessary experience to deliver turnkey solutions through its school management offerings. We develop the school of your vision where you control the process but the complete responsibility to develop launch and run the school rests with Edinture. Some of the benefits that we offer are:


  • Project management expertise - experience of establishing and managing our own K-12 schools 

  • Detailed planning - qualitative & quantitative research led feasibility studies and financial planning.

  • Complete responsibility of execution - infrastructure design, construction, regulatory approvals and affiliations.

  • Branding and marketing - effective admissions process to achieve desired enrolments.

  • Best practices in curriculum development, lesson planning, teacher training etc.


Teacher Training & Assessment

Edinture's teacher training solutions, support teacher development by enhancing their professional expertise and making them well-versed, especially in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
Our CTET Coaching in particular, prepares teachers for the crucial Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), that they must clear in order to teach in a government or private school. 
Our Teacher Training Courses and Instructor-led Training programs further help teachers to hone their skills for the new-class room. Edinture helps them to harness the power of technology to bring the fun back into learning.

Curriculum & Skill Development

Need to examine your current curriculum and identify ways to enhance it? We’ll work side-by-side with your leadership team to assess your achievement needs and define curricular strategies to increase achievement and engagement. You’ll walk away with a clear, measurable, and executable plan to guide that will take your curriculum to the next level

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