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Innovative Learning Products & Technique

Innovative Learning Products & Techniques

Edinture has developed the Learning & Remembering Methodology, and through this methodology Edinture provides unique and powerful teaching tools and learning solutions.


Is based on the Principles of :


  • Discovery Learning – Discovery is an active process of inquiry-based instruction that encourages learners to build on prior knowledge and new experiences and to search for new information and relationships


  • Active Engagement – Creating modules, which are Inquisitive, interesting, or inspiring. Developing modules so that students are Intellectually engaged, emotionally engaged, Behaviorally engaged and socially engaged


  • Outcome Focused – Flexible and dynamic approach that keeps the students firmly on learning outcomes and continuously measurable for the teacher

What we offer


  • Pre-packaged discovery and delivery kits for concepts in Science and Mathematics & English from Kg1 to Grade 10 through our web based platform called

  • Guided Lesson Plans

  • Differentiated Worksheets

  • Teachers orientation

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